Thursday, February 16, 2006


So, a few nights ago, I had a nice time at the agency company party. See, here, they party from NEW YEARS pretty much all the way to almost the middle of Feb. It's amazing, and surely it beats the Jews. Sorry guys, we STILL eat more. Though I'd rather have latkas over shitty pizza anyday. THE SMOKED SALMON THO. WOW...

So it was a huge thing, the rented out this big ass hall downstairs at the Sheraton and there was a huge stage and such. It was quite an ordeal, but alas, poorly orginized. Which did add to the fun for me!

We get there at like 1 PM for rehearsals and makeup/wardrobe. We put on a show every year I guess (this was my first) for the bigger clients and friends of the boss (FAGS AND HAGS).

In the show, I'm supposed to be a 50's style guy with a pomp. I didn't know, first of all, that my hair could do this, but it can, and they made it work. I was part of the ending performance with the big boss man (woman) and it was quite funny. I don't have pics of course coz I was on stage, but it was very low budge and high sass to say the very least. The boss (Mr. Hong) is like a BFF in every sense of the word. And boy did he BFF it out. IF he had anymore sass, he would've popped his pussy. Shit. Anyway, it did make for a ridiculously DRAGGED OUT show. He had not one, but TWO wardrobe changes. (too bad they only showed the more PG stuff on TV)

We start the show at like 8, and afterwards, I eat till I wanna vom. Then eat some more. It was so good. I got home rather early that night, some people had asked me to go to club with them, but of course, the clubs bore me so. HOME.

At the raffle, I won a 6 month supply of oyster extract and come collegen stuffs. I have no clue whether to eat it or snort it or stick it up my ass, but I'll make it work. It's good for me right? I must be, tastes like DEAD RATS.

So anyway, at this party thing, I realized one thing. I do like a lot of the people I work with, some of them, I can even consider friends really. I mean, Alan is always looking out for me, Ruru, always nice, and Jen is just so nice and friendly and thoughtful. Bigi tho, she's my biggest supporter here in Taiwan. She's like a big sister, like a mentor. She pushes me harder and makes me strive for more in my work, she's a good one. And she let me draw a fake 'stache on her ha!

I was a nice time to celebrate and just chill out.



Anonymous Jillz said...

That hair is amazing. A-MAZING.


2/16/2006 9:33 AM  

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