Thursday, February 02, 2006


I am completely crazy now. It’s certifiable now. I can’t stop my brain from thinking about things that I can do NOTHING about. If I could just stop the hamster wheel for 1 hour, I could let myself fall asleep. So, instead, I’ll blog I guess…

But, I do have a lot on my mind these days. I am making life changing decisions and I’m deathly afraid that I am making the wrong ones. NY for the summer? Chinese classes 5 days a week? Finding less fulfilling jobs to make lots more money? (but really what could be less fulfilling than modeling) Not eating anything all day from depression? Well, the last one does allow my stomach to be very flat that is until I cram it full of BURGER KING around 2 AM.

Yeah, I know I haven’t had fast food like that since LA, but really, I don’t care. I was hungry, and I’m upset. I want some fucking fried chicken.

WHY 2 AM fried chicken? Tonight, Richard, Helen and I went to see Syriana. Great film, very good on many levels, though not REALLY what I was in the mood to see. Actually, I could’ve witnessed the crucifixion of Christ and I would’ve prolly been distracted by my mind. Like I said, much on it these days.

It was so good to see Clooney not do Clooney for once. He was so vulnerable and human when he is not “Danny Ocean”, u know what I mean. And, I loved how the stories never really weaved, and yet, they were all affected by each other, truly a reflection of the global village we live in. Though I thought that there could’ve been a little more development of characters… I guess there were so many, that they didn’t have too much time… Great movie though, made you think, and once again, HATE AMERICA. And then I had Burger King.

I was listening to all the folks around us, and I don’t think anyone really understood the movie, like at all. I heard some girl say “I didn’t get any of that” and “How slow and boring!” I wanted to reach over and smack her with my scarf.

It is now 6 AM. TPE/HK time. FAN FUCKING TASTIC.

So I will find out in two months whether or not I’m going to New York. Pray to your Gods.

What else. The weather has been amazing these past few days. No rain, just nice, dry, cold. I’m thrilled like a roach in a Taiwan night market. So good. I hope that SOME OF YOU hint hint can VISIT me whilst I’m here. That would be YOU, yes YOU.



Anonymous brian said...

Damn, now I REALLY want to see that movie. Will write more lates, but busy @ work atm...

2/03/2006 10:11 AM  

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