Sunday, May 28, 2006




Friday, May 26, 2006



This, however, was truly stunning.








Miss you Miss Jenkins.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

COST to the CO

A few weekends ago, Wil, Karen, HIDING IN ASIA and I went to COSTCO. As with most major food events, it was religious for me. Here are some highlights....

Samples make me happy :)

The most important person at Costco.


Helen looks over DVD's

I was hungover, leave me alone.

This is NOT ME.

Cart-Eye view.

Wil and I discuss attack plan.


Karen Wil and Helen's shiny hair.

"New Balance"

That's not a sock in there...


Wednesday, May 17, 2006



I just peed my pants.

Watch THIS .

Monday, May 15, 2006


Her fabulousness, Ms. Nina Rastogi came down to T'waan for a little visit with the fam. She spent a day and a dinner with me recently. This was the day I left for Hong Kong, that's why I'm wearing the same clothes.

My Favorite "Engrish" in Taipei. The local KKK shop. The hoods are in the back.



THAIFEST 2006! (In Hong Kong)

Last weekend, I went to HK for a "Visa Run". Normally, this would be a short two day excursion just to leave the country of Taiwan (so I wouldn't have to join the ranks of the pathetic Taiwanese army). My dear friend HIDING IN ASIA (AKA Helen) came along, so we decided to make it a mini va-cay.

We were supposed to go to Thailand, but factoring all costs, HK was all the more affordable option, so we went there instead.

Excess and hedonism ensue:


We get in around post dinner time via the cool Airport Express train into town. We go to our friend's house in KOWLOON. This is Helen trying to get away from my fart in the confined space. Hey, travel makes me gassy. And beans. And carbs. And life.

We hang about, shower and watch THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE. Okay, at LEAST top 5.


We wake up semi early and go get VISAs for China coz, honestly people, one ain't enough, we tryin to get our jet set on mkay? We drop off Helen's apps and such and have to come back and pick it up later that afternoon. In the interm we had lunch at THE BEST RESTAURANT EVER and walk about.

Here is HIDING showing off some of the local biota near the center of HK. It's actually just called Central. They also have a Times Square, a Hollywood Rd., and of course, now, DISNEYLAND.

That night, after a good Lebonese dinner, we all went bar hopping with our friend and ULTIMATE INSTIGATOR, THE RICH. We started and ended up at Dragon-I, the self proclaimed "BEST CLUB/BAR IN ASIA". Hm. I guess if you are Beckham and bitch, it's cool. It's rather superficial and stuffy, so I get too drunk on tequila coz of some rowdy Mexicans I meet there. They were surprised I could speak the Spanish. Bad idea considering we were supposed to go to GhuongZhou the next day. Yeah. So I didn't go.


I stayed (way overhung) in our friend Emily's arpartment pretty much all day, just surfing and working on the resume. I ate some ramen her house keeper made for me. She got a new SONY 40 inch Plasma. Yeah, it was a nice pad. Helen comes home at night, we sleep.


So we get up (Emily is off of today) and go out for the day, Causeway bay, Times Square, Stanely Beach, Stanely Plaza, etc. etc. etc. It was a nice day so we didn't melt, but it was still rather sticky. We were supposed to hang with THE RICH, but he flew to England on Friday and couldn't hear over the limo music when I called. Fabulous, I know. So to thank our friend Emily, Helen and I made her a great meal that night. On the menu: French-ish style Salmon, Thai salad, Shrimp cocktail, and Helen's famous chicken FUCKING SOUP. Really, it's great. You should all have some.

*more pics later*

We sit and watch Harold and Kumar till it's time to get ready: 11:00. It's gonna be a long night. So we get all pretty (slutty) and head out for the night. We go to YUMLA which had some AMAZING AMAZING ELECTRO HOUSE?, and then to PROPAGANDA, the biggest gay discotecha in HK...

We walk in, and they are playing a remix of "Check On It" by Beyonce. While in line (it's 1:30 now) we hear a fantastic remix of Mariah's "Don't Forget About Us". I *think* we're in the right place now.

As we down the first round of drinks, we are just hanging about at the bar looking at all the pretty boys when we hear a cool mix of "Got to be Real" by Patti and her biotches. We rush to the dance floor like the faggy lemmings that we are and the song ends... I was kinda sad coz I love that fucking song. A few short moments later, HIDING turns to me and screams "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS?!?!?" I listen really carefully to the simply plodding baseline and I have no answer...

But alas, "I've heard it all before, I've heard it all before..."

There is a HUGE RIDICS ROAR THAT COMES FROM THE OVER BOOZED CROWD. The song is "Sorry" by her Magesty, it is a crazy remix and all of a sudden, the room melts away. There is no more you and me, no more he and he, and no more stand around and model. The strobes go crazy, the fog machine fogs, we all sing at the tops of our lungs and become one. One dancerfloor, under Madonna, indivisible and good hair for all.

Final thought:
Me with someone's HK FAB pads. Notice what they are called.