Thursday, October 05, 2006

First week of school.

So it started.

Nothing crazy exciting yet, but I do really enjoy the classes.

1. Modays, I have a photoshop class. I thought I knew, but WOW, I really have no idea. I think it's gonna be a good technical class, I'll be able to talk to the printer/outputter in their language. It'll make my work look like how I intend it to look. The teacher's name is Manolo. That in itself is already way too cool. So much fun i'm gonna have with his name.

2. Next, on Tuesdays, there is Brainstorming class and In Design. Brainstorming is a class that I'm gonna enjoy a lot I'm sure. I've already decided that I'm really really not going to censor myself which means that I will prolly offend some people. OFW.

InDesign is a class that I REALLY need, coz I've actually never touched that program at all. Nelson, the teacher says it's easy, so should be good, once I get up to speed.

3. Wednesdays, I have Layout/Design. All black and white class, no color to rely on. We're gonna solely doing stuff with type, and focusing on negative space. It's gonna be a challange, but great for me, I know it. First class, we started Kerning, but hand. Cutting shit out and spacing them, adjusting per copy. It was VERY tedious, but ultimately really helped me see the space and where it makes the eye go. Real cool.


Most importantly, the put in a new kitchenette thing with new microwave and a great new fridge. There's been talk of a keg as well. AHEM.

People are really cool so far. I'm happy that there are people from all over the place. There is Kuwait, Israel, Spain, All over the US, and other parts of Europe... more on that later. Everyone seems like they have a good sense of humor and I'm excited to get to work with them.




Blogger Hiding in Asia said...

Danny-SAN! I am EFFIN' so green with envy!
Looks like you're in a good place finally doing what YOU want to do!

Any advice for other wayward travelers tumbling back home from afar?

10/07/2006 11:43 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Biddle said...

photoshop class is just playing with filters right?

i'll swap my PS knowledge for your jedi skills when i see you NEXT.

when is that? when, we all ask.

10/15/2006 5:49 AM  

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