Sunday, March 25, 2007

Totes Appropes.

So today, I shitted out a GIANT POOP. Like seriously PLAY. DOUGH.

I dunno if you'd want to play with it, but DAMN.

I did feel, however that it was very appropes. I need to let somethings go. Even if it hurt a little. Or, more than a little.

I only blame the Bush family pizza, and of course, myself. Sometimes, I dunno what is good for me and when it's time to STOP.

So after I wiped and washed my hands, I felt lighter, cleansed, ready to face the world, and the next meal...

I do have to say that I've been over eating a bit and really, my appetite for over indulgence is waning. I am going to stick to things that are good for me as much as I can now. As good as the bad shit tastes, it's never as good as the moment it goes down, coz after, it causes MASSIVE indigestion for me.

Loves it.

Tonight, Dennis, Erwin, their friend Doug and I are going to Rachelle Farrell. I'm very very excited. This year has been a GREAT year for life music for me. After Muse tho, I might need to be hospitalized for a bit. Either that or some vocal rest. :)

more soon chums~



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